Original Character Art


Final Fantasy XIV

Commission Types


Standard commission affair, you will receive frequent communication and be allowed reasonable adjustments throughout the process.

"Leave it to Me!"

20% discount* on the price but with less contact after agreeing on the details and no adjustments. I will ask for any additional information needed. Payments taken upfront. Please send a message with the following details:

Commission Type:
Commission Style:
Character Reference Album:
Posing and Expression:
Additional Notes:
PayPal Email Address:

*Discounts may vary slightly depending on complexity

Commission Pricing

Prices shown are subject to change depending on the complexity of the commission.

Additional Characters can be added for an additional fee equal to the style, and will also vary depending on complexity.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter if you're interested.


Prices shown are a baseline and will vary depending on complexity and any additional items.


  • Portrait - $80

  • Half Body - $150

  • Full Body - $200


  • Half Body - $50

  • Full Body - $80


  • Per Character - $60

  • Per Prop - $15


Prices will vary depending on complexity.
Please Enquire.
Flat Geometry - $15+
Environmental - $150+

Commission Info


If you're interested in a commission you can contact me through my DMs on Twitter linked below or through Discord: PunchHeart#0001


Payment will be taken via Paypal before the initial sketch is started, pricing may vary depending on the complexity of the job.


  • Gore and Full Furry themes are prohibited - NSFW and Furry content will cost extra (50-100%) - Suggestive themes and Kemonomimi are acceptable.

  • No major changes will be allowed after the sketch has been accepted and payment has been recieved.

  • No refunds will be given after the sketch phase has been completed.

  • I reserve the rights to my work and the permission to post on my own social media pages.

  • The commission may not be used for commercial purposes unless specifically created for said purpose and agreed upon beforehand.


  • Upon receiving payment I will work on an initial sketch, updates will be sent until you're satisfied with the draft.

  • Afterwards I will keep you updated on the progress on a regular basis until completion.

  • Turnaround time can vary from 1-2 weeks for a smaller piece (depending on queue length) and 1-3 months for a larger piece.